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I'm Rebecca 

Hello! Thank you for taking interest in my photography business! It has been a wonderful experience to capture people during the most exciting time of their lives! And that’s why I do this - for you. For those moments of pure happiness and celebration, I want to bless you with beautiful images that bring you back to that exact moment.

            My heart is to serve you, share in your joy, and capture amazing images of great love or joy! Nothing gets me more excited than a sweet couple, great lighting, and flattering poses!

            I’d love to tell you a little more about me. I was born and raised on a farm. I have wonderful parents and the best three sisters a girl could ask for. Growing up, my days were spent climbing on hay bales, in trees, and on top of whatever else my sisters and I could find. Nights were filled with games of tag, bonfires, and chasing fireflies. I went to college for Early Childhood Education that provided me with knowledge to help teach and care for little ones. I’m married to the love of my life, who supports me and loves me more than anyone.

            A great time to me is a mixture of long walks with ice cream in hand, curled in bed with a great book, or singing my heart out to a great musical (Phantom of the Opera, anyone?) A couple of my favorite things are caramel lattes and anything chocolate! I dream to meet Jo and Chip Gaines, visit Paris and have a photo shoot there, and to live on a farm with my husband and our future children. I hope they will embrace nature, curiosity, and adventure like I did as a child.

            Thank you for taking time out of your day to get to know me! I hope to hear from you soon, learn a little something about you, and I hope I get the honor to capture a moment for you.

Much love, Rebecca.


"With a passion for capturing beauty, natural emotion, and above all love, I am dedicated to giving you photographs you will cherish for life."


Hope to hear from you soon!

Forest City, IA 



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